Housing Association in Sopot takes its first steps towards a sustainable energy system and aims to set-up a local energy community


The Polish demonstrator involves activities in 5 residential and one commercial building in Sopot housing estate. The general objective of both demonstrators is to establish self-sufficient energy community and services through installation of smart, cost-effective and renewable based multi-vector energy systems. It focusses to increase the share of RES (solar PV), optimise the operation of demo local low-carbon energy systems and electricity grids through smart energy monitoring and management, eliminate where possible the use of natural gas for heating and cooking by replacing it with heat pumps, to test energy storage system in real environment, and e-transportation. The specific objectives for the demonstrator includes:

  • Demonstration and test of integrated electricity-to-heat system with solar PV and heat pumps for heating domestic hot water and supporting the selected building heating system;
  • Demonstration of EV chargers and electricity storage integrated with the local energy system in the community;
  • Demonstration of smart utility meters (electricity, water) and AMI systems to effect demand-side response and optimal operation of the local community energy systems;
  • Demonstration of AMI and LV automation/switchgear systems to enhance the level of observability, quality of supply and monitoring of the low voltage distribution grid in cooperation with the active energy communities;
  • Development of business and ownership model for cooperation between individuals, community and local DSO for sharing renewable energy installations;
  • Development of a technical and architectural concept of local energy island for the whole housing community (around 500 apartments) as well as possible business model and financial structure of such investment.